The group Galant, tu perds ton temps brings together five women and a percussionist around a repertoire of traditional a cappella folk songs. Several elements make this group unique. First of all, it consists mostly of women, which is rather unusual in this field. Second, there is no melodic instrument, as the instrumentation is focused on the voices, whether harmonized or in unison. The only form of accom-paniment comes from foot tapping, bodhran, jig or even, in some cases, a suitcase. Lyrics are pushed in the forefront in order to draw the audience's attention on the stories they tell, stories that have been handed down to us through the oral tradition. Their performance at the 2003 Mémoire et Racines festival was met with much enthusiasm from both the audience and the festival committee who awarded them the title "Revelation of the 2003 Festival." Judging from the slew of positive comments made to the group, Galant, tu perds ton temps has been able to determine that there is a niche for this kind of ensemble on the traditional music scene in Quebec. The choice of the a cappella format was motivated by a desire to walk opposite of most folk music groups and, mostly, to bring back the simplicity and spontaneity that inhabited Quebec kitchens not so long ago. It leaves a rightful place to each story told, as if it were a tale or a legend.
The percussion is there to enrich the songs, highlighting rhythms, bringing specific colors, framing the lyrics, in other words, delicately supporting the songs. The group received a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts in 2004 to produce its first album Fais-toi pas d’illusions. It has been recorded at the Studio du Rang Quatre by André Marchand member of Les Charbon-niers de l’enfer, and is now available since November 2004. The second album explores two types of songs. One is the light, frivolous or humorous pieces, the other more obscure and sore with those songs called lament. These last ones being too often forgotten and rarely sang by any group. This double CD will be launch in spring 2009. Galant, tu perds ton temps hopes to popularize Quebec traditions here in Quebec and abroad. The various perfor-mances of the last seasons have confirmed that they have their place in the greater folk family.

galant en spectacle